Excavator Training Sydney

Welcome to Wise Excavator Training Couses located in Sydney’s South West. We have 2 different courses available for new students depending on your skills level. Our Two Day “Express Course” is designed for experienced operators and people with good command english. This course consists of “Day1” of training follwed by “Day2” of Assessments (Practicle and Theory). The second course we have offer is the “Flexi-Training Course” This course has been designed for beginners and intermediate level operators. In this course the student can train for as long as required until they are successful. (Some conditions apply). The only other pre-requisite to enrol in the course are that you must be 18 years and are able to provide 100 points of id and have a reasonable undrstanding of the English Language.

The contents of the course is as follows:

  • 134 Safety excavator questions (88 are selected)
  • Identifying site hazards.
  • Pre operational check of the excavator.
  • Running check of excavator.
  • Excavator practical assignment tasks.
  • Post operational check.